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30 Day Laundry Challenge

Hey people! Happy Thursday!

Do YOU love laundry? Is it one of your FAVORITE things to do? Do you wake up in the morning thinking “Yay!! It’s laundry day!”? 30 days ago we would have answered NO to every one of these questions. But we are 30 days wiser now and you will never believe this, but now we answer YES to every one of these. WHAT?? ARE WE TALKING CRAZY?? Let us tell you how YOU can change all these NO answers about dreaded laundry to YES in 30 days or less! NO JOKE.

We wanted to change a negative (hating doing laundry) to a positive (loving doing laundry). At first, this seemed impossible, but after some research, we came up with an idea. We discovered that some people do laundry every day. This first seemed like an awful idea (because how could doing something you hate every day make you love it?), but then it started to make sense. The goal is that by doing laundry every day makes for smaller loads; which means the washer and dryer don’t take as long, it is faster to fold everything, and you only have to put away a few things.

We decided to challenge ourselves to do laundry every day for 30 days to see if our hatred for laundry would change to loving it. The goal: do one small load of laundry from start to finish; wash, dry, fold and put away, every day for 30 days. Excited at the prospect of loving our laundry habits, we started the challenge that the next day. Peek into our ‘Laundry Diary’ to see how our first 7 days went.

Dear Laundry Diary,

Friday, September 20th (Day 1):

Since I hadn’t done laundry all week there was a lot of laundry to do. TWO LOADS in fact. This was no fun at all. It felt like a normal laundry day. I did not fold any of the laundry I did… Shhh! Don’t tell anyone! Today’s laundry sucked. I hope tomorrow goes better.

Saturday, September 21st (Day 2):

I didn’t feel good today but I put my load of laundry in the wash anyways. I had so many dark colors that I decided I would focus on just those. I didn’t fold the darks when they were done, but I folded the two piles of laundry from yesterday (yay me). My hatred for laundry is still strong, but hey, I got through day two.

Sunday, September 22nd (Day 3):

Finally got through all the laundry that was lying in the hamper from when I started on Friday (a load of whites). I forgot to put bleach in there though (dang it!). Did I fold them when they were done? Nope. Grrrr…. But I did fold the laundry from yesterday (yay?). Hopefully I get better at doing the whole process in one day soon. I have to do darks again tomorrow… Didn’t I just do darks yesterday??? What is happening to me??? Where is this laundry coming from?? Oh well. I shall push on! Day 3 done.

Monday, September 23rd (Day 4):

OH MY GOSH. I did it. After just one load of laundry I folded it (AND I folded the whites from yesterday!) and there is now NO LAUNDRY left in my house. I could scream with excitement! It was fast! It was easy! And… wait a minute? I liked it? What is happening?? Let’s see if tomorrow goes the same way! Could I be excited about doing laundry tomorrow?? I think I am!

Tuesday, September 24th (Day 5):

I got up, put my load of laundry in the wash (which were only the clothes from the day before plus the kitchen towels), moved them to the dryer, folded them and put them away all in ONE HOUR! WOW!! This made me realize that by doing laundry every day means I can wear my favorite things every other day! No having to resort to clothing that I only kind of like because everything I love is dirty. Doing laundry every day is changing more than I thought it would! I decided I am going to get rid of all the clothing I don’t love; which was a lot! It feels so good to get rid of these things!

Wednesday, September 25th (Day 6):

I had enough things to make up a load of whites and a load of darks today; but both loads were so small I still got both completely done and put away before noon! Also, I realized that washing dish towels and cloth napkins every day means that I don’t need to keep as many as I currently have. So, I downsized those too! I am getting so excited about all the things I can get rid of because of this challenge!

Thursday, September 26th (Day 7):

After only a week, doing laundry every day has become a habit! And I love it! Again, I got up and put my laundry in and got it completely done in an hour! After a week of doing it, I also decided I could get rid of even more clothes today! This caused me to reorganize my closet today and, you’re not going to believe this, I actually went from a closet and a dresser to now being able to fit everything in my closet! I can now get rid of the dresser in my bedroom and replace it with a nightstand to give me even more space in my bedroom! Doing laundry every day has changed so much more than I thought it would!

As you can see, doing laundry every day did so much more than changing our laundry habits to a positive experience; it also allowed us to let go of so many things we actually didn’t need or loved! As you can see, the first couple days of this challenge were really rocky, and even though we didn’t do all the steps we still pushed on and didn’t get down on ourselves for not getting all the steps done every day. And the pay off was beyond what we dreamed of!

Our 30 days are now long past, and we are still doing our small load of laundry every day and are still finding things to get rid of due to the process. And guess what? WE LOVE DOING LAUNDRY NOW! We encourage YOU to try this challenge! It is seriously LIFE CHANGING!

After doing the challenge ourselves, here are some tips we learned that will help you along your 30 days.

Tips to Success:

1. Find the best time of day to do your laundry that fits your daily schedule.

Your goal should be to find the time of day that you can get your entire load of laundry done, from putting it in the washer to putting it all away, in one hour. Test out different times of the day to see what fits your lifestyle the best!

2. Find the perfect spot to fold your laundry.

We found that folding laundry is actually very peaceful once you find the perfect spot. Ours is our kitchen counter looking into our living room. This spot is perfect for us because we can stand and the counter is at the perfect height, there is lots of room to put the folded laundry and sort it into piles, and we can see the rest of the house so we don’t feel rushed to get back to the action of daily life.

3. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get every step done every day.

As you saw from reading our laundry diary, we didn’t get every step done the first couple days. And you can be sure there were one or two days during our 30 day challenge that we missed doing laundry all together that day. The key is DON’T GIVE UP! One day of missing laundry isn’t the end of the world and shouldn’t make you feel like you might as well give up your challenge altogether. Just pick up the extra load the next day and do the best you can. Getting in the habit is a pain in the butt, but, trust us, it is totally worth it!!

This 30 challenge CHANGED OUR LIVES. We promise you will have the same experience if you give it a chance. We believe in you! Give it a shot! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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