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5 Packing Tips to Help you Stay Motivated and Lower Stress During a Move

Hey people!

We have been busy having so much fun moving wonderful people to their new homes these past couple weeks. We know this can be a strange concept to say that we are having fun moving people from place to place, but it’s true!

Now, you might be thinking, “they must just be the rare person who actually LIKES moving, which will NEVER be me;” let us stop you right there. Combined, we’ve already moved more than the dozen times that the average person will do in their lifetime, and most of them were no fun at all. From figuring out how to start, to lugging the boxes, mattresses, large pieces of furniture, and discovering a hasty packing job resulted in broken treasures; we’ve dreaded, grumbled, and griped over our past moving endeavors in our lifetimes. So what changed? How can you go from something that’s such a pain that you procrastinate and dread on doing once every 3-10 years or so, to doing it 2-3 times a week and LOVING it?

The answer is simple. Keep yourself organized. Gosh, it’s easy to read that word, isn’t it? But to those who are not professional organizers this word can be daunting. We could talk your ear off on how to actually enjoy and love your moving process, but let’s start with some basics that are simple, easy to see yourself actually doing, and, wait for it… will make you excited to start your moving process!

Here it is, people:

5 Packing Tips to Help you Stay Motivated and Lower Stress.

1. Downsize.

Yep. The popular word in the organizing world right now. But, trust us, before you purchase a single moving box, as soon as you have a moving date, heck, even if you’re NOT moving, take a day and go through your stuff. Our saying is if you haven’t used it in a year, you’re probably not going to use it. If you take the time to go through your things, your future, moving self will thank you! Don’t waste your precious time packing things you don’t want; let go of those things you think you want to ease your stress level and have fewer boxes to pack later.

2. Use NEW Moving Boxes.

You remember your last move. Remember all those old diaper, Amazon, and falling apart boxes that were laying around your garage that you thought “Yeah, this will be fine for moving.” Then remember packing all those mismatched boxes into your moving truck, the back seats of your vehicles, the beds of trucks. Yeah, you remember that feeling of “I should have played more Tetris so I could have been more prepared for this scenario.” Not only is trying to figure out how to make everything fit a hassle, but those dirty old boxes leave your clean dishes, clothes, and other loved items in need of a wash. Do those boxes a favor; send them to the recycling center and buy new boxes or use boxes that are nearly new from a friend’s recent move. Not only will all of your boxes stack neatly in your house while waiting to be loaded and taken to your new home, but they will also be happy to keep your items clean and safe.

3. Purchase Pre Cut Packing Paper.

Newspaper. How much of it have you used while packing? You remember what your hands looked and felt like after wrapping all of your fragile things in them? We can feel it just thinking about it! Save yourself the extra step of having to wash all your dishes when you get to your new home, and buy pre cut packing paper at your local U-Haul. #Lifehack!! Click here to watch our packing tutorials.

4. Build Your Boxes as You Go.

We know it is so tempting to build all your boxes as soon as you get them. The inner child in you says “LET’S DO THE FUN PART NOW!” Tell that inner child to take a nap while the adults get stuff done, and build your boxes as you go. They only get in the way. Build one or two at a time and let your other ones remain flat and leaning against a wall until you are ready to use them.

5. Build Your Boxes Right Side Up.

This doesn’t matter, does it? You’re probably remembering the countless times you filled your to-go box in the lid instead of the base and everything turned out okay. Trust us. Building all your boxes right side up will ensure that heavy things packed on the bottom, stay on the bottom. All boxes look alike during a move. If a box is built upside down, and then packed and sealed, it will most likely be turned over by accident. Save those precious things from being broken and take that extra step to have all your boxes uniform.

There you have it. These 5 tips are key to our moves going to smoothly and are easy for anyone to accomplish during the packing process. Let our love of moving rub off on you and help you get to your new home with less stress and more excitement! Happy moving and talk to you again soon!

Want to know more? We are now offering Virtual Moving Assistance and would love to continue to keep your moving process simple, enjoyable. Click here to learn more!

Need help packing? Click here to watch our packing tutorials!

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