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Clean Your Sink!

Hi people. Happy Friday!

We are here with a public safety announcement to tell you that WE ARE NOT CLEANING OUR SINKS ENOUGH. We have been moving people like crazy, traveling to amazing events, and have constantly been working on future exciting projects, but ABOVE IT ALL, we are here to talk to you about sinks.

Did you know that your sink is the second most germie spot in your kitchen? IT’S TRUE! Those germie’s favorite source of nourishment are a wet surface and tiny bits of forgotten food sitting in the bottom of your sink. This happens EVERY NIGHT and it is a party you DO NOT want to be invited to; we promise! So how do you call the cops on this illegal party of under aged germies trashing your sink? Wash your sink; wash it every night before you go to bed. This is simply using your cleaner of choice (we like to use Young Living Thieves Cleaner) and wipe the sides, bottom, and drain before you go to bed. And if you are working with raw meat or scrubbing potatoes, DON’T WAIT! Those pesky germies are just waiting for you to walk off and finish the rest of your meal so they can have a quick flash dance sponsored by bacteria.

This goes the same for your bathroom sink. You don’t even want to know what kind of breed these germies are (psst! It rhymes with goop). Give that sink a quick wipe after you brush your teeth before you go to bed and wake up to a beautiful and clean smelling sink the next morning! That’s all it takes.

Now, we know there has only been one thing on your mind aside from planning on cleaning your sink as soon as you are finished reading this; what the heck is the number ONE most germie thing in your kitchen? It’s your sponge! Eek! But don’t worry! Stick that icky squishy in your microwave for 2 minutes (make sure it is wet and does not contain any metal first) and kill those tiny germies so they cannot complete their top-secret mission to divide and concur your kitchen with filth while you are trying to get that cleaning sparkle we all dream of.

We were horrified by this news of unwanted germie get-togethers happening nightly in our sinks and wanted to spread the word to all our friends; you! So get up and go clean your sink! We’ll join you!

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Happy October!

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