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The Clutter Bee, LLC founded in 2016, is a Professional Organizing, mother-daughter owned company. Their combined experience of  Architectural Engineering and Design, as well as their love for helping others, makes their Relocation Services one of a kind.

This mother-daughter duo is ready to apply the highest level of commitment and professionalism to all of your organizing and relocation projects. 


Say hello to Margaret


Favorite Food- Anything Japanese


Favorite Activity- Going to the gym. My daughter kicks my butt.


Favorite Part About Working With Clients- Learning about their histories and where they came from.

Favorite Color- Probably red, but my micro wardrobe is pretty much, black.  


Unique Fact- I am a black belt in karate and successfully passed my black belt exam with a torn ACL in 2009. Surgery was next on the list...


Funny Fact- I was on the Gong Show when I was 14 years old. I mimed with a dancing chicken...

We got Gonged. 

Say hello to Stetson


Favorite Food- Italian... Give me all the carbs!


Favorite Activity- The gym


Favorite Part About Working With Clients- The stories they tell. 


Favorite Color- Blue, but I only wear neutral tones... yes my wardrobe is quite boring...


Unique Fact- I started college when I was 16 and graduated from The University of Oregon when I was 20.


Funny Fact- People usually think before they meet me that I am either: 

A. a boy (because of my name)


B. Super country because of my name "Stetson Hunter". Neither is true. (Thanks mom...)


Let us help you have an organized and stress-free move!

Let us help you make a stress-free relocation to your new forever home!

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